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Luksus pokazany ze swojej ostrej i niegrzecznej strony. Z przybrudzonego i odrapanego stylu glam-rock wyłania się ścieżka do nowoczesnej elegancji. Architektoniczne wyrafinowanie oraz wzory stylu art déco z okresu lat 30tych płynnie przechodzą w rockową estetykę lat 70tych i odzwierciedlają image współczesnej kobiety, żyjącej między Londynem i Ibizą.

Naturalne kolory (różowy, szary, beżowy, biały, pustynny, woda, brązowy) budzą się do życia pod wpływem fluorescencyjnych błysków (zielony, niebieski).

Arystokratyczna nonszalancja, tak możnaby nazwać rezultat odważnego połączenia elementów ze świata rocka ze wzorami stylu art déco. Wieczorowe sukienki ozdobione rzędem cekinów podbiją serca miłośników Klimta.

Serce nowej koncepcji luksusu bije w rytmie klasyki oraz rocka, pulsując w stylu glamour.



Luxury bares its rougher, naughtier side.
Dirtied and scratched by rock‘n roll fingernails, new tracks and traces, electrifying its paths to elegance.
The architectonic refinement and Deco geometries of the 1930s interbreed with the ambiguous glam
rock aesthetics of the 1970s, giving birth to an extreme femininity lingering
on a private jet somewhere between London and Ibiza.
Headscarves unearthed from the archives of luxury travel are metamorphosed into clothes
with a deliberately imperfect construction,
their elegant printed patterns distressed and aged with hard rock irreverence.
Jacquard mats constitute the building blocks of embroidered jackets in subtle colours,
whose clean lines are broken up by long fringes and chains.
Natural colours (pinks, greys, beiges, whites, desert, water, brown)
are lightning-struck by flashes of fluorescence (lime green, electric blue).
The classic Patrizia Pepe minimal mood is remodelled and redetailed with exquisite additional touches.
Bows on trousers, quilted biker pants.
Floppy jackets in jersey that tend towards cardigans thanks to a tricky tricot effect.
Lace on the collars of nylon trench-coats. Glamour eschews symmetry and juggles with counterpoised volumes.
Clothes with rigorously linear fronts expose unpredictable ovals and fluid swirls on the back.
Intricate bustier constructions assert themselves both in dresses and separate tops.
Underwear offers flashes of strass on lace and satin, and bras that can happily be worn directly under jackets.
Zips in full view on clothes and pale copper galvanised metal details emphasise
a bold and strong-willed personality. Volumes get softer: pleating, silks and shantung.
Ultra light jerseys abound, along with viscose and chiffon.
Skirt and dress length has abandoned the middle way: the options are simply short or long.
A sexily sauvage womanhood strides among generously fluttering vents.
Rock‘n Deco, the mix is nonchalantly insouciant:
rows of sequins and black jaiss on evening dresses evoke the gleaming geometries of Klimt.
In degradé versions, flirting with superimposed fabrics,
the sequins reappear to conjure up iridescent disco effects.
In the denim section, bleach washes for a very lived-in look, overlaid fabrics, 1970s-style materials in ultradistressed
or bell bottom models. Fluid-textured volumes.
In the leather sector: suede pants, leather lace-ups for shirts and shorts. The classic biker jacket is given a chic
re-reading with ample flared sleeves. Jackets in lasered hides embellished with buckles and leather flowers.
Trousers in soft stretch leather or lamé python prints, snakeskin effects on jackets.
High impact accessories, of course. Interwoven leather, chains enriched by crochet work on soft leather bags.
Zips with jewelled pulls on minimal models. Fringing on shoulder bags, metal micro bags.
Sandals with high or low heels, enhanced with fringes and leather flowers.
Printed headscarves, bold-buckled belts.
Coral, shell and crystal for nature-made bijoux.
Pulsating glamour breathes life into a new luxury concept,
dancing between classic rhythms and rock ‘n roll basic instincts.




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